Origami T&C

Origami T&C Limited was founded in Hong Kong by Alexander Moroz.

After graduating as a Swiss Certified Precision Tool Maker at Feller AG (by Schneider Electric) in Switzerland, Alex moved to Guangzhou, China where he got acclimated to South-East Asian environment and got his first hand on experience in sourcing and trading while studying Mandarin at the Sun-Yat Sen University. Later as Co-Founder of Phonejoy Solutions Ltd., Alex was in charge of development and manufacturing of several versions of the Phonejoy Gamepad. While managing the production and overseeing the sales of tens thousands of units for over 5 years, he has gained experience and understanding of all the processes and small details that are required in order to produce a finished product that can be shipped to Europe and North America. 

Currently Alex is continuing to work on production and development management for small to medium size companies out of Hong Kong.

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